Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sandwiches and Sausages in Tanjong Lobang Volunteer Work in Niah

We were an interesting lot : Madang, Ali, Borhan and myself.

Small, dark and from the ulu we were chosen to help out the archeologists in the Niah Caves. Mrs. Whitefield was our teacher and her husband the Divisional Engineer.

When we were selected to go with her and the Niah Team  we were very excited. We went by a small prahu. Her husband later came with the government boat, very grand, very sturdy.

But what was memorable was our first trip up the river to Niah Caves. On the way, we were offered a package called Sandwich. (photo from Google)

Image may contain: food

To the four of us , that was the first time we had Sandwiches. Tasted Good!! It was also my first time meeting aluminum foil. Wonderful invention, I said to myself. And I did not dirty my hands in front of my lady teacher.

Then we were given sausages. That was my first sausage ever in my life.

It is strange how impressionable I was at that age. How food can remain so precious and so memorable in our mind. We were lucky students to have been able to volunteer for work in Niah, and then given special, European food.

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